Melissa and Tina, a life coach and a therapist, joined together to bring you Sweet Relief from the Everyday Narcissist. This site sweetens the relief, by offering ongoing support and encouragement.

Even the people we hold dearest to our hearts can be narcissists.

When that is the case, the emotional challenges can be especially confounding. Our services offer a way to move forward with strength, confidence and compassion.


Take a "Siminar"

A "Siminar" is an on-line self paced mini course designed by author Melissa Schenker which is provided through a brand new company called These are designed to be supportive companion pieces to the book. The Siminars offer practical, action based ways to activate your learning. As a participant you can interact with the author and with other participants to ask questions and share insights. (note: you can use an alias in the Siminar if you'd like to maintain your privacy).

Tips for Immediate Sweet Relief (FREE)

Take this Siminar if you suspect someone in your life might be a narcissist. You can benefit from this short Siminar whether or not you've read Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist. You'll learn: things to that indicate whether narcissism is the issue in a particular relationship, how to communicate effectively, and ideas for taking care of yourself.

The Path of Sweet Relief

This series of three self-paced on-line courses are designed as a supplement to the book Sweet Relief From the Everyday Narcissist. Support is essential upon the discovery that there is a narcissist in your life. You do not have to go through this alone. The Path of Sweet Relief will help you reclaim your vitality and your ability to trust your self and others. Since privacy is a concern for many, there are options to keep your identity private while you work through the series.

The series is made up of 3 siminars:

Reclaim Your Life – where you shift your attention from the narcissist back to yourself

See Life As Is – where you look at the big picture dynamics in this relationship

Create Lasting Change – where you learn skills for interacting and make decisions for your future

Coaching One to One

If you'd like individualized attention as you sort through a relationship, coaching can give you the support you need.

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